The Emergence of Chaos on Non-Uniformly Timed Systems

Dylan Poulsen Shaun D. Ramsey Nathaniel Schwartz
Washington College Washington College Washington College
Chestertown, MD Chestertown, MD Chestertown, MD
dpoulsen2( ) email: shaun.ramsey( ) nschwartz2( )

Proceedings of CISS 2017, pp TBA, March 2017.


This paper is motivated by the problems posed in control design when actuators, sensors, and/or computational nodes connect via unreliable or unpredictable communications channels. In these cases, non-uniformities are introduced into the underlying time domain of the system. Our central question is whether chaos can emerge in a system as a result of changing only the time domain. We answer the question in the positive by producing an example. Additionally, we find fractal structure in the emergence of chaos in this example.

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