Flag Assault

An iOS application. (c) 2010 Shaun Ramsey, Otto Borden, Gary Fenstamaker and Corey Stoke. Flag Assault is a turn based strategy game in which players most hold resources at flags while both attacking and defending their bases and flags from the other player.
This game involves turn based strategy and may be played against the computer AI or with other players!


Movement: Movement is listed as total allowed squares of movement. For example, a movement of 1.5 implies 1 horizontal/vertical square or one diagonal square. A movement of 2 means two horizontal/vertical squares or one diagonal square.
Defense: Defense soaks damage. A defense of 5 will remove 5 damage each time that unit is attacked.
Splash Damage: Vehicles deal splash damage. They deal their base damage in the target square and 20% damage in all surrounding squares.
Resources: A unit must begin a turn on a resource flag to give the owner resources from that location. At early levels, there are 7 flags total:
3 on the player's side, 3 on the opponent's side and 1 flag in the middle with limited resources. The type of resource given is located on the flag.
Terrain: Mountains block movement and attacks through. Water blocks movement. Air units ignore these restrictions.

Units and Descriptions

Icon Unit         Cost Damage Health Move. Def. Description Built From
Soldier 0
11-15 30 1.5 1 Soldiers are the base unit. They are useful early game and for holding resource flags cheaply.
Humvee 10
16-25 35 4.5 2 Humvees are a quick vehicle unit. Vehicles deal splash damage, but the tactical ability of the humvees is really their incredible movement potential. These are used to travel great distances quickly and to tackle remote resource points. They are built at the factory.
Tank 15
21-50 50 3.0 5 Tanks are a heavy vehicle unit capable of great damage and withstanding numerous attacks. They are built at the factory.
Chopper 15
16-30 40 4.0 3 Helicopters are light air units capable of ignoring terrain. They are cheap to build but require an airport. As an air unit it is capable of flying over other units and terrain.
Attack Plane 20
26-60 45 4.5 4 Attack Planes are strong air units capable of striking with great ferocity. With good armor and damage, combined with the abilities of an air unit, the plane is the ultimate attack unit. Attack planes may be built at an airport.
Automated Turret 20
13-40 30 0.0 2 Automated Turrets are technically buildings. After a round of building, when a player ends a turn, the automated turret will attack all units within attack range. These are useful defense structures, but are easy to take down by an intelligent opponent.