Ramsey's CSI 194 - SpTp Intro to Game Dev - Spring `20

Journals should be typed and roughly 250 words. The point is to be thoughtful and introspective. Answer the question thoroughly, but ultimately I want to see actual thought put into these topics. It is about more than just getting through a prompt or filling out a grade. These should be about your own self development, thoughts, introspection and journey.

Journals should be submitted as pdf. In my version of word, you can go to "File" menu and then "Export" and it will allow you to create a PDF from your existing document. Reach out to your table, group, professor, if you need some assistance.

  1. After 1/23/20: Journal #1: Give specific examples on how you will keep your group free of toxicity? How about your table in class? How about the entire classroom? Be explicit. What actions will you take directly to ensure this? What actions can you take to ensure, all ideas, opinions (and beyond) are welcome and invited?
    Reading for Next Class: Ch. 1
    Homework: Install Unity and make Unity logins. You can get it from here. There's a walkthrough here
  2. After 1/28/20: Journal #2: Name the goals of your favorite game. What would make achieving that goal VERY easy? How did the designer use constraint? What would happen if you swapped indirect or direct actions?
    Reading for Next Class: Ch. 2
    Make sure Unity is working
  3. After 1/30/20: No Journal this time.
    Reading for Next Class: Ch. 9
    In groups: We would like to make a board game about ____?
  4. After 2/6/20: Journal #3: How did the ideas today shape your vision of your game in the future? Did it change at all? Explain why or why not. Now, describe the board game you are going to create in your own words. Go back to the basic elements of game design and discuss each element.
    No new Reading, Catch up!
    Due: 2/18. First 3 tutorials and the Karting microgame tutorial are due in 2 weeks. These are the first 4 entries on here. Don't be afraid to get some help if you get stuck. QSC hours are posted on the boards and I have an open door policy. You will submit your results as a zip on canvas.
  5. After 2/20/20: (Due 3/3 now) - How can the board game design, playtest, iteration and overall process be improved for the next generation of the Game Design class itself? Does the connection to digital video game development become clear as we are working on unity in the background and board games in class? What are some ways that we could improve this connection throughout the process?
    Reading: Ch. 3
    Unity Tutorial on 2d Game Kit: here