CSI 380 - Organization of Programming Languages

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02/16/06N/ALecture 8 Steps in Translation
02/14/06N/ALecture 7 What is good syntax?
02/09/06N/ALecture 6 Binding Times, Syntax vs. Semantics
02/07/06N/ALecture 5 Translation vs Interpretation
02/02/06N/ALecture 4Correlations, Translation, Interpretation
02/02/0602/07/06Homework 2Paper on History/Good PL
01/31/06N/A Lecture 3What makes a good language?
01/26/06N/A lists.plProlog Lists
01/26/06N/A valuable.scriptProlog Queries
01/26/06N/A valuable.plProlog Facts and Predicates
01/26/0602/02/06Homework 1Prolog
01/26/06N/ALecture 2Prolog
01/24/06N/ALecture 1 Reasons for studying PL?
01/24/06N/ASyllabusGuidelines for this course
01/24/06     N/A             Blackboard          Up to date grades