CSI 202 - Computer Science II

Date Given

Date Due



04/28/06N/A Red-black / top-down
04/26/06variesPresentationsOral/Written Presentation Description
04/26/06N/A AVL - Red-black
04/24/06N/ALecture 26AVL

04/21/06N/ALecture 25Depth-first and Breadth first search
04/19/06N/ALecture 24Binary Search Trees
04/19/0604/26/06Homework #7Reverse Polish Notation and Stacks
04/17/06N/ALecture 23Queues and Tree Definitions

04/14/06N/AReview Review and Paper Overview
04/12/06N/AExam #2Exam #2
04/10/06N/AOrals Presentations 4-6

04/07/06N/AOrals Presentations 1-3
04/03/06N/ALecture 22Stacks

03/31/06N/AOrals Oral Preparation and stacks
03/29/06N/ALecture 21Templates and vector
03/29/06variesPresentationsPresentation Information
03/27/06N/ALecture 20 Tricky C++ details
03/27/0603/31/06Homework #6Class Hierarchies

03/24/06N/ALecture 19 purely virtual
03/22/06N/ALecture 18 virtual vs nonvirtual
03/20/06N/ALecture 17Dynamic Data inside Classes

03/06/06N/ALecture 16Class hierarchy
03/03/0603/08/06HW #5Bigint and factorials
03/03/06N/ALecture 15Factorials, bigint mult
03/01/06N/ALecture 14Bigint, Factorials
02/27/06N/AReview Review

02/24/06N/A Exam #1 Exam #1
02/22/06N/A Review Review
02/20/06N/ALecture 13Arbitrary Length Items

02/17/06N/ALecture 12Class Errors, file redirection
02/15/06N/ALinkedList.hLinked List header
02/15/0602/20/06Homework 4Class Basics
02/15/06N/ALecture 11The Big 4, overloading
02/13/06N/ALecture 10The Big 4

02/10/06N/ALecture 9Classes
02/08/06N/ATesting 3Testcases for Homework 3
02/08/0602/15/06Homework 3Linked Lists
02/08/06N/ALecture 8Linked Lists
02/06/06N/ALecture 7Linked Lists

02/03/06N/ALecture 6Linked Lists
02/01/0602/06/06Homework 2Files
02/01/06N/ALecture 5Files
01/30/06N/ALecture 4Default Assignment Operator

01/27/06N/Ap202Compiler and tester script
01/27/0602/01/06Homework 1Dynamic Arrays
01/27/06N/ALecture 3Classes
01/25/06N/ALecture 2Pointers
01/23/06N/ALecture 1Review, Aliases
01/23/06N/ASyllabusGuidelines for this course
01/23/06       N/A             Blackboard          Up to date grades