Math 450 - Operating Systems




4/25/5 Homework #5 - Problem 7.11 on page 270 Involves the Banker's Algorithm and its data structures. Hand these in before lecture on May 4, 2005.
4/25/5 Review Sheet #3 Some lecture and review on 4/27/5: Exam on 4/29/5
4/15/5 Homework #4 Write pseudocode to solve the dining philosopher's problem. Send your pseudocode to me in a text file via email. Due by class on 4/22/2005.
3/25/5 Review Sheet #2 Review Sheet for Chapters 4-6. Review Session on 4/1/5 and 4/4/5. Exam on 4/8/5.
3/25/5 Homework #3 Write pseudocode for the customer and sleeping barber processes
2/28/5 Homework #2 Using threads to compute matrix multiplication
2/24/5 thread.cpp A simple thread program from p133 of our book. Some changes to allow compilation.
2/24/5 Makefile Makefile for the thread program
2/14/5 Review Sheet #1 Review Sheet for Chapters 1-3. Review Session on 2/16/5. Exam on 2/18/5.
2/11/5 Homework #1 The first homework using interprocess communication and process creation.
2/11/5shm.cpp This code demonstrates shared memory system calls as well as main using arguments from the command line
2/4/5 fork.cpp Code demonstrating fork, wait, and execlp
1/19/5 Syllabus Syllabus and course information
1/19/5 Blackboard Grades.