Avie Flowers

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Avie Flowers is primarily a finger drawing application that allows novices and children (even babies!) to produce rich colorful designs with just a few finger strokes. While the application may be used in a richer drawing experience for the wonderfully artistically talented, it was designed to produce craft art by just drawing a few key lines. I implore you to grab it, take a gander and see what your favorite finger strokes can create. There are many settings to explore and investigate.


There are a variety of controls in Avie Flowers.
In the iPad version try pinching your fingers together, double tabbing the screen, sliding your finger across the screen and a variety of other finger motions to explore options. The iPhone 3.1 version has the same features, but they are often tucked away in the various menus. This page needs some more flushing out, and hopefully it will be up and updated before the app actually makes it to the store. If not and you are curious about an option, please do not hesitate to shoot an email in our direction!