Shaun David Ramsey, Ph.D.

novelist, game designer, professor, business owner, husband, father

Ramsey's Head
  • Name: Shaun David Ramsey, Ph.D.
  • Titles: professor, novelist, game designer
  • Owner: CIO, member, at Dartek Solutions
  • Position: "Full" Professor of Mathematics and
    Computer Science at Washington College
  • WC Work Phone: 410.810.7485
  • WC email: sramsey2 (.you know.)
Explore my Creative Outlets (excerpts and previews are coming soon)
  • The Deep Nap (c) 2017-2023 - My first novel - science fiction focused on relationships, ethics, and love
  • My Name (c) 2022-2023 - My second novel - a sequel (of sorts) with similar focuses, but from a much different viewpoint and backstory
  • Elemental Lords (c) 2017-2023 - Fight back the elementals as you try to constrain the forces that give you power
  • 1000 Mononoke of Kimon (c) 2018 - a 200 word challenge solo dice game
  • Schema - an RPG around Modern Magic
Youtube playlists where I walkthrough basic principles of different courses
Videos of my Research and Classes with Students
Dr. Ramsey and a Smart Car